Sample: MMETSP0907

Sample Name MMETSP0907 
Sample Type eukaryotes
Project Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP)
Investigators (1)

Fragilariopsis kerguelensis L2-C3

Sample Accession CAM_SMPL_002741
Combined Assembly Fragilariopsis-kerguelensis-L2_C3
Taxon ID 186038

Ph 8.1  
Phosphate 36  
Nitrate 800  
Silicate 106  
Axenic 1  
Trace elements 2400  
Experimental salinity 35  
Environmental salinity 33.8  

Longhurst province SANT  

Growth medium f/2 amended seawater  
Modifications to growth medium f/2 for all nutrients  
Other environmental metadata available late austral summer to early austral fall  

NCBI SRA SRS619082  

Habitat name marine habitat  
Envo term for habitat primary term Acquatic: marine  
Envo term for habitat secondary term Not Applicable  
Habitat marine habitat  
Habitat description Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean  

Site name Southern_Ocean  
Latitude -48.1  
Longitude -24.25  
Site description Polarstern cruise ANT-XXV/3  
Country AQ  
Depth 20  
Sample collection site Southern_Ocean  
Other collection site info Polarstern cruise ANT-XXV/3  

Project id 104  
Collection start time 2009-01-24 00:00:00.0  
Collection stop time 2009-01-24 00:00:00.0  
Volume unit L  
Filter min 20  
Clonal 1  
Collection date 24-JAN-09  
Date of experiment 01-JUL-11  
External sample id Fkerg_control_growth  
Investigation type EU  
Principle investigator Thomas Mock  
Primary citation Assmy, P., Henjes, J., Smetacek, V. and Montresor, M. (2006), AUXOSPORE FORMATION BY THE SILICA-SINKING, OCEANIC DIATOM FRAGILARIOPSIS KERGUELENSIS (BACILLARIOPHYCEAE). Journal of Phycology, 42: 1002–1006. doi: 10.1111/j.1529-8817.2006.00260.x  
Filter fraction minimum 20  
Volume filtered 2000  

GenBank BioSample 2740293  
Fastq file /iplant/home/shared/imicrobe/projects/104/transcriptomes/MMETSP090/MMETSP0907.fastq.tar  

Day portion of day night cycle in hours 24  
Light 100  
Experimental temperature 5  
Environmental temperature 8.05  

Library acc CAM_LIB_001507  
Sequencing method Illumina  
Dna type cDNA  
Assembly accession number CAM_ASM_000559  
Combined assembly name Fragilariopsis-kerguelensis-L2_C3  
Pcr amp No  

Source mat id (MMETSP0907) Fragilariopsis kerguelensis - Seawater  
Source mat id 3216  
Source mat id CAM_BM_002761  
Source mat id CAM_SMPL_002741  
Sample type eukaryotes  
Sample description Fragilariopsis kerguelensis L2-C3  
Sample name MMETSP0907  
Sample volume 2000  
Taxon id 186038  
Sample material Seawater  

Strain L2-C3  
Genus Fragilariopsis  
Species kerguelensis  
Family Bacillariaceae  
Superkingdom Eukaryota  
Class Bacillariophyceae  
Phylum Bacillariophyta