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Reference CAMERA Non-human Eukaryotic Proteins (P)

Name CAMERA Non-human Eukaryotic Proteins (P)
Data /iplant/home/shared/imicrobe/camera/camera_reference_datasets/10622.V12.fa
Revision 12
Length 4,205,635,085
Sequence Count 10,490,929
Build Date 04-JUN-13
Description This data set contains non-redundant proteins of all eukaryotic organisms except human from publicly available resources. Peptide sequences that are less than 10 amino acids are excluded from this set. Shorter sequences that can be aligned with a longer sequence with the same taxon ID and 100% identity are treated as redundant sequences, and they are eliminated from this data set. Sequences from environmental samples are not included in this data set. Database updated on 2013-05-17 from NCBI Refseq release 59 and Genbank release 195